Location is a very big deal when shopping for your new home. You should think about the pros and cons of living in the city, the suburbs or the country, and compare locations as carefully as you compare houses.


Consider things like the time and distance to work, schools, and even shopping.  Maybe even check if the location has public transportation. Of course, only you know what you want in a location but just know that there are many resources available to you. Use people like, builders, family, friends, or if possible the people in the neighborhood.  Here a checklist, this is just a guide to help you find "home sweet home!"


      Police and Fire Protection.

Are police and fire protection adequate?


      Medical facilities.

Is there a nearby hospital or medical center?


      Schools and Day Care.

Are schools in a convenient location?

Are convenient day-care facilities available?



Are there facilities nearby?              




Are the streets quiet enough?

Does the speed limit suit you?

If you have children, will they be safe from traffic hazards?



Is there any available?



Does this apply to your needs?


      Trash and Garbage Collection.

Find out days of the week for pick up.



Are there parks or other facilities around?


      Places of Worship.

Does the location offer places with your religious beliefs?




Are the neighbors a little too close for comfort?



Is there a reliable source of drinking water?


      Sanitation Facilities.

Is the sewer or septic system reliable?



Is the land well-drained?

Has the proper precautions been taken to prevent erosion?

Is the land attractive to your eye?



Are the rates reasonable?



Are there other assessment rates that will force you to pay added monthly charges?



Are there things like smoke, noise, soot, dust, odors or other hazards that will affect your living environment?



Is this a potential problem?