Connecting buyers and sellers is our primary objective in a transaction and working to keep that connection solid to a successful closing. Our work isn’t limited to local buyers, we also work with people moving into the area.  We utilize technology to ensure our buyers know about a house as soon as it comes on the market.  Our work doesn’t just include showing a house, because we are all local we can educate buyers about the school district, local events, restaurants, shopping, and anything they need to know about the area.  We believe being a full-service brokerage is not intended merely for sellers, that service extends to our buyers. Our job is to find you a house you love and we take the time and effort needed to do so. We care about our clients which is why we have launched a Buyer’s Incentive Program. We’ll give our Buyers 5% of our commission after we pay Stapleton Realty its portion. As an example:
If you buy a house for $350,000, our commission would be 2.4% of the sales price or $8,400. After we pay Stapleton Realty its portion, we would receive $5,544. The Buyer would receive an incentive value of 5% of the $5,544 or $277.20 towards closing costs.
Call the office for all the details!

– Program began on 5/26/20.