It’s a big decision to sell your home. When you want top-dollar and are facing several changes, time seems to become warp-speed—where everything gets a little fuzzy and the days blur together in anticipation. That’s why we’ve developed this quick guide to get your house ready for a showing.

In the Kitchen—
Be sure all countertops are clear and “squeaky clean.” Wipe down appliances. Make sure all dishes are in the dishwasher or cleaned and put away. The sink should be clear and clean.

In the Bedrooms—
Make up the beds, neatly and attractively, every morning. This is a job you don’t want to have to do when you learn that the buyers will be there within the hour.

In the Bathrooms—
Keep a set of fresh, attractive towels in each room that you can change instantly.

Music, Music, Music
Soft, pleasant background music may be very effective.

In the Entryway—
It’s the first and last impression that your buyers will have of your home – make it a good one!

Turn on all the Lights 
Even those in closets and storage rooms. Electric lights have an incredible capability for creating an illusion of lightness, airiness, and largeness.

Clean Air
Certain smells can trigger memories in a person, the scent of your home can leave a lasting impression on a potential buyer. Keep kitchen odors fresh: coffee brewing or a cinnamon coffee cake baking in the oven have a lasting, inviting effect. Keep air fresheners in closets, bathrooms, and kitchen. Avoid cooking smelly foods such as fish, liver, garlic, onions, or anything fried or spicy before showing your home. Also, stay away from sharp floral scents.

Air Conditioning
If the weather is warm and muggy, have it operating.

If you have pets, keep cages, dishes, and litter boxes clean at all times. Pet hair should frequently be vacuumed. Doggy droppings should be scooped up from the front lawn and disposed of. And always cage or kennel pets when your house is being shown.

Open All Drapes, Shades, and Blinds 
Do all that you can to create a bright and light ambiance.