I am a buyer looking for the perfect home, where do I begin?

The process of buying a home is big and so is the financial investment. Choosing an agent is an important part of the process and should not happen by chance. Using the agent my cousin likes or who was at the open house may not end up being the right fit for you. When you need a new doctor, you go through the effort to take recommendations, look up reviews and hopefully conduct an interview appointment. The same attention to detail and need for a” good fit”, is true with a realtor.  Here are some things you should know and look for in your “buyer’s agent”:

  • Does your agent listen?
  • Have you been able to put together a list of things to look for in your new home and share it with the realtor?
  • Have you established a range of prices you can afford?
  • Does your agent have strategies for how you will work together to find the best fit?
  • Will your agent work just for you or will they also be working for the seller? Have you been given an opportunity to understand how this works and to make a choice?
  • What experience does your agent have? Residential, Investment…?
  • Do they know and live in the area?

When buying a home, you want to find the agent that fits you and who understands your needs. You want them to know the community you are looking for a home in, well and to be able to identify neighborhoods or areas that meet your lifestyle needs. In this way, local is necessary. Having an agent from 30 miles away may not be useful for you in learning about your future home.
Stapleton realtors are committed, through a common belief system, to serving you through your buying a home. We value you having a positive and long -lasting relationship with us and we go the extra mile to ensure we are giving you our best. Please call us to hear about who we are and how we invest in our clients. We even go so far as to use part of our commission to help you with the costs of closing your new home. Call us today.