Being forty years in the business is not just about experience, it is mostly about the relationships and the help we have been able to provide to the people we work with. In those years, we have created developments, listed many homes, businesses or land for our clients and helped them to find the same. Selling a property, especially a home, is about connecting the needs and lifestyle wants of our clients with the right fit for them. It is this experience that informs and guides our work to this day.

While most of the Realtors at Stapleton Realty have not been here for all of those forty years, we benefit from a team atmosphere that shares knowledge and experience. We go into every new listing or buying opportunity with the consultation and ideas of the team that is assembled here. We value one another and the life experiences and community connections each of us bring to this unique and needed work. You, our clients benefit from this approach and the many experiences we have had working with people and families just like you. Not every real estate transaction is the same and some are more complicated than others. Spending time with your Realtor as you navigate through your sale or purchase is important so that nothing is lost or missed. Not all agencies employ this team approach to the work. We mentor new agents and ensure that they get the experience they need, along with the support that is going to ensure their successful sale for you.

Forty years has taught us the importance of all of the people that make Stapleton Realty,  and that includes you. We endeavor to be sure you are informed through this newsletter and that we are remaining connected with you. We will be here to provide you with the quality real estate experience when you need us. Until then, thanks for helping us to celebrate being a female owned business in Oconomowoc for the past forty years.  We are Proud!