Olympia Resort opened with great fanfare in 1974 with guests arriving in tuxedos for the men and flowing dresses for the ladies, some of which came from New York and other metropolitan areas as investors in the development. It was a grand hotel that offered several amenities that included an 18 hole golf course and ski hill (the dirt that created the hill came from a new highway they were building then, now known as I-94.)  For years, young and old alike came from Chicago and surrounding areas to learn how to ski, or refresh their skills, before going out to Aspen or Vail. The resort provided luxurious accommodations for weddings, and hosted business meetings and large conventions for companies across the United States. There were several large lounges and bar areas to take care of diners and guests who would come for the professional entertainment.  Bands and singers were known to make a stop at Olympia on their way from Chicago to a gig in Minneapolis. One year the Ink Spots were a big hit and had to come back for a second show!  There was a small retail mall that was part of the complex, as well as a movie theatre which had a big draw from the entire area. In its day, Olympia was the “cat’s pajama’s” and now only a distant memory of an era gone by.