A rainy summer day is a perfect time to tackle some of the decluttering and prep work to get your home ready to sell.

We don’t expect your closets to look like The Home Edit showed up to rainbow color-coordinated everything but items shouldn’t be falling out when people take a look…and they will take a look.
Sorting things into categories: donate, re-home, trash, and keep will help you quickly move through spaces. You are sure to come across clothing or linens that are no longer in a state that should be donated but don’t toss them in the trash…start a bag to take to Goodwill and mark it “Textile Recycling Only” these items can be shredded to create new materials. Many Goodwill locations are no longer accepting furniture, but you have several options in Waukesha County. Throwing electronics in with your trash is illegal , luckily places will recycle that VCR you haven’t used since 1999. Places such as Goodwill, Best Buy, Milwaukee PC, and even your local municipality may host an event once a year.

Contact our office for a full list of donation places to help you declutter and to get your ready home to list.

Article and Photo by: Bonnie Lewis-Tschannen –  Realtor/Broker