Reading an article earlier this month by Bob Dohr of NOW titled “ Why are Milwaukee’s suburbs called what they are?” had me thinking about how even within the City of Oconomowoc, the areas have official names and nicknames. West of Downtown and north of Wisconsin Avenue is “Merchants Plat” as it is currently known, where the houses designed by Roy Henszey for the Carnation Company executives are found along Woodland Lane Glenview Avenue. Just east of Fowler Lake you find “Presidential Row” or “The President’s Streets”, comprised of streets surrounding North Oakwood named Washington, Wilson, Madison, Harding, and Roosevelt. The flower patch is an array of flower names, Lily, Rose, Blue Dahlia, Tulip, and Daffodil. These neighborhoods all have official names found on their legal description, but they are more often known by their neighborhood nicknames.  Most of the past planned development neighborhoods have official names East Lake Village (Pabst Farms), River Bluff, Lakeridge, and Longmeadow while Arrowood, Morgan Station and Pine Ridge West are currently being completed.
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Article by Bob Dohr (Now News Group): What’s in a name? The story behind how Milwaukee’s suburbs like West Allis, New Berlin, and Wauwatosa got their names (

Article by: Bonnie Lewis-Tschannen – Realtor/Broker