Most of us will buy and sell a home or property at some point in our lifetimes. When the market is “hot”, we might be tempted to think we could sell it easily to the neighbor or put a sign out in front and have it sold quickly. It might be easy to get interest in your home in an active market, but a Realtor helps you value your home, so you are getting the most for your home. They help you to choose the offer with the most benefit in your situation and timeline. Most importantly, they help you to disclose all that is legally required of you and structure the sale so that you will not need a lawyer later. The requirements of the law change frequently with regard to real estate sales, and you could be putting yourself at considerable financial risk if you are not aware of all you need to do to sell your home. This is the reason that even if the market is “hot”, you need a professional.
In purchasing a home, a Realtor helps you to know the condition of the investment you are about to make. Choose a Realtor who knows homes, their construction, and their systems. Some realtors have no background in home construction or maintenance, perhaps they have design backgrounds. Hire them for the projects in the home after purchase. Buying a home is about the structure and the condition of the building. Use a Realtor who along with assistance from inspection professionals, can help you discern the proper condition of the property you are buying.
Many people use a Realtor they know or someone that has been recommended. Take the time to interview these Realtors and understand what they know about home construction and systems. It is important to check reviews online and perhaps call references. Buying the next house can be your best investment!

Article by: Joseph Moylan, Realtor