The Oconomowoc Area Foundation was only a sparkle in our eyes when a group first met to discuss the needs of our community.  It is so very exciting to see how that little sparkle has grown to be a very bright showing spot above us.  It is easy to look around the beautiful area where live in and not see or think about the fact that there are people and places that need help. We began to prioritize who we could serve and what we could do, as a group, to make this part of our little world a better place to live, work and recreate in.  It didn’t take long to identify immediate ways we could help, and when with the guidance of good folks like Fred Guiteirz, create a long term plan. Once people heard about our vision, this community came together to make it all happen. I am proud of the work that OAF does, and look forward to many dream that continue to became realties because they are here.