This blog is created and borrowed from Michelle Birch, the Principal Interior Designer of Birch Design Theory, LLC.

Things to consider for SELLING!

Ever wonder what you needed to do to ensure a quick and easy sale of your home?  Besides getting a thorough market analysis and setting the price right at the beginning… Here’s  just a few personal tips for you to consider…


It is true that some potential buyers loved your home when they saw it online—when you had the pictures all set to perfection on the web.  However, driving up, some buyers will literally drive right by a house that isn’t up to its full potential from the curb.  Little things to consider—is the lawn cut/snow blown? Are the weeds pulled and trees trimmed?  Leaves picked up and not to be seen?  Moss issues addressed-flower beds and pots in good shape?  Not to mention—have you swept up your stoop, cleaned your  mailbox and exterior lights, windows and shutters?  Is your outdoor flag damaged or town? Faded or ripped?  Is the door mat welcoming and appealing?  Getting a client inside your door is just the beginning…

Once they are inside… Consider where your house is going to be entered—is it the door you never use and you forgot to clean up the entryway?  Is it odor free or have you done something to cover up what could be an offensive odor upon entry?  Strong foods, pets, moisture are all things that absolutely can put a negative impression on a first time potential buyer entering your home.  Do ALL you can to make it appealing.  It’s known that fruit and herb smells appeal more to buyers than flowers and strong fragrance.  So do yourself justice and get it right from the first sniff.

Removing personal items from the home allows the buyer to see the home through their own eyes.  Yes, your family pictures are lovely, but a buyer can more easily imagine their own things in your four walls when you let them see a more blank slate.  That doesn’t meant an empty house sells better—but a nicely staged house makes all the difference.  A single buyer may see all of your family pictures and think…this house is too big for me. They had 5 people living here?

Staging a home also sets a sale!  Professional stagers will tell you that furniture placement, neutralization and selection can absolutely sell a home.  Start by clearing off your appliances and cleaning them inside and out.  Next, focus on LIGHTING!  Current lighting, if it’s dated, old and mismatched with poor lightbulbs, it’s time to take it up a notch!  A new inexpensive vanity light can transform a bathroom space and lets the buyer realize its true potential.

Too often, buyers think spending money to sell their house is not worth their money…but I can tell you that often, a new updated space or light or fan or fridge CAN make the sale happen.  Working with a professional realtor that has this experience can absolutely seal the deal!

Good luck in your sale!  And start staging to WIN that sale!